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Engineering systems

Our organization specializes in the design of engineering systems of any type. You can order the design of sewage and drainage systems , project development of drilling, landscaping , as well as projects for the various types of excavation. The advantage of our company is a turnkey order fulfillment . Our specialist will choose the best option depending on your financial capabilities and features of the object . We undertake not only issues related to the development of project documentation , but the project itself . Having our own fleet of special equipment to minimize the time spent on work on laying of utilities . In addition, it gives an opportunity to reduce the total cost of the project.

For all kinds of work performed by us to issue a written guarantee for 5 years ! Also, you can sign the contract regular servicing of engineering systems . In this case, you can be absolutely sure that you do not have to face the sudden breakdowns and other problems arising mainly due to errors in the drafting of , improper installation or maintenance delays .

Design of drainage systems , water and sewerage

Our specialists have extensive experience in the design of drainage systems , water systems , central and autonomic sewage , industrial sewage systems , drainage , etc.

To ensure the efficiency of engineering systems requires the use of high-quality equipment . In this regard, we chose a win-win . For installation , we use the products of such well-known European brands like Pedrollo ( Italy) and Grundfos ( Germany) . In the line of data products manufacturers have equipment for installation of household systems and systems for industrial use. The products of these brands is well known to Russian consumers and demonstrates the advantageous combination of price, quality and performance.

Development projects for landscaping

Very rare situations when , becoming the owner of the site, a man decides to leave everything as is , without changing anything in the form of territory. This is not surprising , each of us our individual perception of beauty and functionality , the more advanced features that landscape design is so extensive that allow you to implement even the most unusual ideas!

If you made ​​the final decision to make changes in the appearance of the site, our landscape architects ready to help you with this . We produce and develop projects landscaping and territory , as well as provide services for the professional care of the green areas . It does not matter whether you want to simply elevate the territory , giving it a well-groomed and elegant look , or want to turn your site into a work of art. Our experts on the shoulder design landscape works of any complexity. Availability of modern technology allows all kinds of earthworks . In the case where the use of technology is impossible because of the small area or the design features of the territory , earthworks can be done manually . For more details about our services you can learn from our experts , as well as on the pages of our site.

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