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Home Landscaping, landscaping

Lagoustroystvo , landscaping 


For landscaping .

Our company offers its customers all kinds of landscape works . The main purpose of this event is the landscaping and beautification of the area . Many of you may be wondering how closely related landscaping and landscaping. In general, these concepts are similar to each other : the design allows you to create an original project design or piece of land adjacent to the project site on paper, but due to landscape work performed on a professional level , it is possible to translate the ideas of the designer !

We offer cooperation to both legal entities and individual customers wishing to equip suburban area or territory of homeownership .

Variety of landscape works

Our experts make the following types of activities of construction site :

· Breakdown of lawns, flower beds , flower beds , rock gardens , hedgerows ;

· Planting of trees and shrubs ;

· Comprehensive care for vegetation ( automatic watering , pruning, mowing the lawn , curly hair cut trees and shrubs , etc.);

· The construction of fences and barriers ;

· Gasket garden and walkways , sidewalks .

Before starting the integrated activities beautification of the area made ​​the preparatory work . Area should be clear of debris , make roll trees and shrubs, uprooted stumps, remove excess soil , etc. If the surface is uneven , there are hills or pits produced dumping , allowing rear portion to the desired level . After that, the planning of the territory in accordance with the specifications of the design project . Necessary to make the general scheme of the composition section , choose plants that are used for landscaping, to partition tracks , along the boundary between functional areas.

Development of a design project is given special attention , because of the quality of execution of this work depends the final result. Experienced professional landscapers will offer you original ideas registration area to suit your individual preferences , the geological features of the territory and the appointment of an object.

Our company has an extensive fleet of machinery for engineering and construction works. This allows you to successfully implement projects of any type. Even if the plot area does not allow the use of large equipment, we will find a solution for you , arranging suitable for units of mini- and microtechnology . For all types of works we guarantee is issued .

What to look for when choosing a design project

One of the secrets of success of the project on the territory of the arrangement is the principle of harmonious combination of elements. First of all we are talking about the relationship between the components of landscape design and construction of architectural style , the design of which they serve. If you observe this condition will develop a clear and harmonious picture, in which every detail assigned its own special role in the creation of the composition. Of course, the area chosen for the design should reflect the style and personality of the owner of the territory . For this design-project carried out in close cooperation with the customer. You will be able to make certain amendments and proposals to achieve complete identity between design options, which would you prefer , and we created a sketch .

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